Aug 27, 2012

Balearean Chapter Meeting

SCI Balearean Chapter, held in Palma, capital city of¬† the Balearean Islands. He utilized the opportunity to speak about all of SCI‚Äôs activities and to thank the Chapter and its President, Jose Maria Castresana (left) for all the hard work to get the Chapter established.  

Aug 22, 2012

Monterrey Sada Award

SCI Monterrery Chapter in Nueva León, Mexico, the Chapter-sponsored “Adrián Sada T. Award for Latin American Big Game Trophy Animals” was presented for the first time. It consists of three levels and to win all three levels you have to have hunted all indigenous big game animals of Latin America. The first recipient to win

Aug 20, 2012

Italian Chapter Award

SCI Italian Chapter also gave the ‚ÄúSCI Italian Chapter Award,‚Äù a gorgeous silver lion, to the ‚ÄúHunter of the Year 2012,‚Äù Prince Saeedullah Khan, fifth from left, who is shown surrounded by previous winners present during the Gala Dinner ceremony.  

Aug 16, 2012

Pigging Out In Half Moon Bay

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President Tom Mattusch organized a special presentation by Mark J Hainds in Half Moon Bay, California, that focused on wild pig hunting around the United States. Hainds is a lifelong hunter who grew up as the sixth generation on the Hainds family farm in north Missouri.  He received a BS

Aug 14, 2012

HOW Box Wows Cub Scouts

By Ann Maki, Sables Life Member and SCI Member Cub Scout troop #773 from Afton, Wyoming, sat in rapt attention during their recent field trip to our home in Alpine, Wyoming. Their eyes were wide at the sight of the amazing collection of animal mounts and artifacts in our extensive trophy room and their hands

Aug 9, 2012

Italian Chapter Elections

SCI Italian Chapter, the new Board of Directors was elected.¬† Lodovico Caldesi, fifth from left, was re-elected President.¬† International Director Uberto d'Entreves, left, congratulated all for their dedication to the Chapter and SCI, and wished buona fortuna (Good Luck) in their future activities.  

Aug 8, 2012

SCI’s Eye In The Sky

Record Book and World Hunting Awards are a great way to document your hunting heritage and help fight poaching at the same time. Conservation and anti-poaching funds from the Record Book and World Hunting Awards Department support successful anti-poaching projects. One project that the SCI Foundation Conservation Committee and the SCI Record Book Committee helps

Aug 6, 2012

Co-op Program Between Northern New Mexico Chapter And New Mexico Dept. Of Game & Fish Focuses On New Shooters

Like other wildlife agencies across the country, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is concerned about the numbers of new hunters and shooters being recruited to those activities.  One study showed that nationally only 67 young hunters and shooters are replacing every 100 hunters and shooters who stop being active. The NM Game

Jul 27, 2012

SCIF Supports Rhino Anti-Poaching Efforts

Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) has awarded multiple grants to land conservancies in Southern Africa that serve as important reserves for black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and other wildlife. Since 2008, an increase in rhino poaching has been reported in southern Africa. In this same time frame, SCIF has provided more than US $80,000 to fund rangers, aircraft, trail cameras, telemetry equipment and other

Jul 26, 2012

Grow Big Bucks On Small Plots

Paul Cwiklinski of the Western & Central New York SCI Chapter will conduct a new seminar at the 2013 SCI Convention on “Whitetail Food Plots for Small Acreage”.[/caption] SCI is pleased to welcome Paul Cwiklinski, Western & Central New York Chapter member, as a new seminar speaker at the 2013 SCI Convention in Reno, NV,

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