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As COVID19 began to affect travel and businesses in March 2020, SCI quickly moved from a position of encouraging hunters to reschedule hunts, to recommending hunters and outfitters work closely together to “share the impact” and ensure both survive the economic downturn being realized worldwide.

Join us this summer to show support for those who take us all on grand adventures and are on the front lines of conservation.

August 1-22, let's Share The Impact.

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New Zealand

From the Outfitters

As the effect of travel restrictions brought hunting to a grinding halt around the world, Blood Origins invited outfitters and professional hunters to tell their stories.

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Jim Shockey on Share The Impact

Rescheduling hunts is not enough. Professional hunter Jim Shockey explains the dire situation being faced by outfitters and the importance of hunters and outfitters to work together, to Share The Impact, to save hunting.

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