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Sep 17, 2021

Legislative Look-Ahead: International Import Ban

Both chambers of the U.S. Congress are in session this week following the August recess. With partisan agendas back in full swing, SCI is looking ahead to an issue in the 50-50 split Senate: an international hunting import ban.  Despite the efforts of SCI, other hunting and conservation organizations, and African leadership, the House passed the Interior

SCI Recognizes the Greater Dacotah Chapter

The 21st annual Greater Dacotah Chapter of Safari Club International had a great fund raising event for conservation and hunter advocacy. One of the highlights is the presentation of the Hunter Conservation Awards, these awards are based upon ETHICS, ACHIEVEMENTS, and CONSERVATION EFFORTS with 50% based upon conservation activities. Our Youth Hunter was Cole B. Cole is a member of Youth Hunter Adventures and this is his fourth year in this program of which the Greater Dacotah Chapter has been a great supporter since the inception of the program by Jim S., which was also our first award recipient of the Hunter Conservation award in 2016. Congratulations Cole and Jim! The Hunter Conservation Award was presented to Les O. our auctioneer. Les has volunteered his services to conservation groups for 35 years; averaging 35 auctions including many annual national conventions each year. By conservative estimates Les has raised over 180 million for conservation, has hunted all over the world while being stationed in the ARMY, hosted youth hunts, wounded warrior hunts, taught educators the importance of hunting and conservation at SCI's American Wilderness Leadership School in Jackson Wyoming. The Greater Dacotah Chapter sponsors up to 4 educators each year, and comments from the teachers concerning the outdoor opportunities and classroom topics on the North American Model of Conservation reinforce their support for hunting!


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