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A Bright Future

July 22, 2024

By John McLaurin, SCI President

The future looks bright so long as we continue to promote hunting and its positive impact on wildlife conservation.

Living with the Land – A Mom’s Legacy to Her Daughter

July 19, 2024

I started hunting in high school after my parents divorced, mostly with friends and on my own. It was an escape from the town where I grew up in North Idaho. I have been blessed since then as a DIY hunter to harvest great whitetails, elk, and a moose, despite also being a busy hunting

Outfitters’ Point of View

July 19, 2024

What Guides Want You To Know Before Your Next Hunting Trip By Jack Orloff, Associate Editor We asked a few of the best outfitters from around the world about the importance of optics, what clients should expect when glassing and advice on the best ways to prepare. THE IMPORTANCE OF GLASSING “Glassing is vitally important

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The politically active members of SCI hunt on federal, state and private lands, and globally. They vote in federal, state, and local elections to protect their hunting opportunities, to conserve our nation's wildlife, and to conserve wildlife around the world. SCI's is the country's leader in advocacy to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI's approximately 50,000 members and 200 Chapters represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. Through our active advocacy network, SCI works with federal and state legislators and policy makers to develop, promote and communicate positions on important issues, laws, regulations and initiatives. SCI generates broad support for candidates who support hunting and the issues that are important to them.

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of SCI is to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. The purposes of SCI are....

  • To advocate, preserve and protect the rights of all hunters.
  • To promote safe, legal and ethical hunting and related activities.
  • To advocate within the limits imposed by law and regulation.
  • To monitor, support, or otherwise take positions on local, national and international legislative, executive, judicial or organizational endeavors that foster and support SCI's mission and purposes.
  • To inform and educate the public concerning hunting and related activities.

SCI members help shape and promote the image of the hunter to the general public, through their words and actions. In addition to practicing ethical hunting while in the field, SCI members give back by participating in educational, civic, conservation, and humanitarian efforts across the globe.

Resources We Have To Offer

In SCI's office on Capitol Hill, we have experienced lobbyists, litigators, policy makers, and social media experts working hand-in-hand with wildlife biologists from our sister organization, the Safari Club International Foundation. We administer the largest hunter-led Political Action Committee (SCI-PAC), which helps support campaigns of legislators on both sides of the aisle. SCI's Washington, D.C. office has the capacity to:

  • Develop, edit, and analyze legislation.
  • Defend federal actions, rules, plans and policies in federal and state courts.
  • Alert and generate support for federal and state legislation through our communications network.
  • Support candidates in federal and state races throughout the country.
  • Draft scientifically supported comment letters and white papers on hunting related decision-making.
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SCI Record Book

With over 200,000 entries, the SCI Record Book is the largest of its kind in the world, SCI's Record Book is considered the gold standard of encyclopedias of big-game animals. The unique program and all-inclusive scoring system has helped document the hunting heritage since 1977. All entries are submitted by hunters and verified by Master Measurers to ensure accuracy. SCI contributes 100 percent of the net proceeds from the Record Book and its World Hunting Awards - which recognizes hunters who have achieved exceptional levels of big-game success - to conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

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SCI Chapters

Safari Club International offers tremendous benefits to both Chapters and members. The more that Chapters and members take advantage of everything SCI has to offer, the more value SCI has to them. With these tools, SCI and its Chapters and members are better equipped to protect the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation worldwide.

Chapter Events

Find a Chapter

Chapter Map

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Hunter Information Service

Gain access to valuable insight to plan your next hunt.  From hunt reports, Country restrictions, Import / Export issues, firearms airlines restrictions? We've got you covered with the Hunter Information Service.

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Get Referral Rewards

Now, just for joining SCI and referring friends and family, you will receive points that you can redeem for a variety of rewards – from gift cards to firearms!

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Members gain access to the award winning publications of both the Monthly Safari Times, and the Bi-Monthly Safari Magazine delivered directly to you!

Safari Times

Safari Magazine

Safari Magazine logo

SCI’s award-winning, flagship publication delivers the most amazing hunting stories from around the world to SCI Members six times a year. SAFARI is packed with additional articles and columns reflecting the overall lifestyle of active affluent outdoorsmen and women containing a broad mix of hunting, fishing, gun and product reviews, wildlife art, international travel and more.

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Safari Times logo

This monthly tabloid-size full color newspaper presents important and timely information concerning hunters’ rights, national and international legislation and club news. Local SCI Chapter activities are featured, as well as education, conservation, and wildlife management efforts. Includes the highly regarded Hunting Insider, with critical information for the destination hunter.

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Safari Club International (SCI) is the leading defender of the freedom to hunt and supporter of wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI is unique in the scope of our ability to defend and advance our freedom to hunt, mobilizing our 152 chapters and affiliate network representing 7.2 million hunters around the world. SCI is also the only hunting rights organization with a Washington, D.C. - based international advocacy team and an all-species focus. In the U.S., SCI's full time staff of professional advocates provides the hunters' voice at the federal and state levels, including issues such as access to hunting on public lands and state management authority of wildlife. Through SCI's Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC), SCI is able to educate and activate hunter advocates on issues in their communities, states, and across the nation. SCI's chapter networks in Canada and Europe are involved in advocacy on local and global hunting issues, protecting sportsmen's rights. And, for more than two decades, SCI has been the major defender of hunters in courtrooms throughout the country.

Washington DC Capitol detail with american flag.

Advocacy Issues

From our headquarters in Washington, D.C. SCI tracks and takes part on behalf of hunters in State, Federal, International, Legal, and other issues that may impact the rights and privileges' of Hunters worldwide.

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Research Library

Hunting and its benefits for wildlife conservation are widely discussed and with great passion by all sides. If you're here, you've come to the right place to learn the importance of hunting and how SCI is defending the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation worldwide.

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The Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC) is a revolutionary software program that enables SCI members and outdoorsmen to impact legislative issues like never before. Through the HAAC, SCI's Government Affairs staff connect SCI members directly to elected officials at the state and federal level, enabling engagement in public comment submissions and petitions related to issues that directly affect them, such as trophy import bans, expanding hunting access, and second amendment issues. Through the HAAC, SCI members have made thousands of direct connections with state and federal legislators, ensuring their voice is heard in the political process.

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SCI-PAC is a nonpartisan, Federal Election Commission-registered multi-candidate political action committee of SCI. SCI-PAC is the largest Sportsmen-led Political Action Committee in America. Contributions to SCI PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.


SCI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education. SCI Foundation ensures that the best available science is used in wildlife policy and management and demonstrates the constructive role that hunting and hunters play in the conservation of biodiversity around the world. The organization is First For Wildlife, investing millions of dollars into wildlife conservation and education every year.

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SCIF Highlights Guide cover MEDIUM

SCI Foundation Research Projects

Safari Club International Foundation has a 20-year history of being a leader in science-based, research-driven solutions to real problems facing wildlife conservation and sustainable use of wildlife resources. We partner with leading wildlife researchers at places like the Wyoming Migration Initiative at the University of Wyoming, the Center for Global Wildlife Conservation at SUNY-ESF, and the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana, to bring the latest applied techniques to wildlife conservation issues. However, doing cutting-edge, impactful research requires resources.

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African Wildlife Consultative Forum

The annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) is SCI Foundation's premier activity in Africa, bringing together a diverse group of international stakeholders, senior government delegates, professional hunting associations, policy experts and wildlife biologists. Discussions at this forum center on African wildlife issues and coordinating responses to current events.

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Outdoor Education

Education makes a difference in wildlife conservation. Sportsmen and women, avid in their passion of the outdoors, pass on their knowledge to peers and young people to continue our outdoor heritage.

What better way to learn about the outdoors and nature than by attending educational programs and workshops that not only focus on conservation education but demonstrate how to use the outdoors and nature as a classroom!

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SCI Annual Convention

Nashville, Tennessee
January 31 - February 03, 2024

Don't miss the 2024 SCI Convention - book your hotel room before they sell out.

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Your contribution to SCI Foundation’s Monthly Giving program provides critical support to ensure the future of wildlife and hunting both today and for generations to come. Conservation, Education, and Hunting are critical for the future of wildlife.
In addition, you’ll receive entries into our Dream Hunt(s) Sweepstakes and automatic entries into our other hunt sweepstakes. A lot of us giving a little bit each month is the key to continued success. Thank you for signing up for whatever amount you’re comfortable with!

SafariCare Bell Family Blue Bags

Giving back to communities is an SCI/F family value.  SafariCare Blue Bags are filled by chapters, individual members, church groups or even groups of schoolchildren or scouts. The contents may include medical, educational, and other relief supplies, or clothing and toys.  The Blue Bag is taken to remote areas of the world by hunters who have planned hunts in these regions. The supplies are delivered directly to villages, clinics, orphanages and schools, doctors, caretakers and teachers to use with people in need.  SCI and SCIF, like so many organizations, put forth enormous effort each year to help improve the quality of life throughout the world.

blue bag

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