SCI provides discounted rates for entries so Guides and Outfitters can use the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals to market your hunting business!

Advertise the submission of Record Book entries for SCI members as an added service you provide to World Hunting Award participants!

Rates and How to Submit a Client's Entry

  1. After your client harvests an animal that meets the SCI Bronze Level minimum...
    • Have the client complete the “Hunter” portion of the SCI score sheet. For those clients who want anonymity, have them check the “Anonymous Submission” box on the method form (2017 forms or newer) and their name will be replaced with their unique membership number when published.
    • Have the species measured by an active SCI measurer.
  2. The discounted entry is price is $25 per entry. (29% discount!) If it's your client's first SCI Record Book entry, their first entry is free!
  3. Submit the score sheet and field photo with this exclusive coupon.
    • If your client is not a member of SCI, purchase them an SCI membership for only $35 (a $30 discount) or an international membership for $65.

Additional Guide / Outfitter Discounts

  • Purchase SCI plaque for your business and get the second plaque for the member half off.
  • Guides and Outfitters can also take advantage of the Online Measuring Course for only $75 plus shipping and handling (50% discount on the kit)!

As a reminder, you must submit the coupon with each entry to receive a discount on the entry, plaques, and the required membership.