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Manuscript and Photography Guidelines

Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

SAFARI Magazine was founded in 1971 as the official publication of Safari Club International. SAFARI Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that focuses on big game hunting and conservation. Circulation is approximately 50,000. SAFARI is mailed internationally to those on the SCI membership list as well as to selected other individuals and organizations.

Send queries and submissions to:
SAFARI Magazine
4800 West Gates Pass Road
Tucson, AZ 85745

Paid Editorial Guidelines

SAFARI Magazine 

  • Big game hunting around the world
  • Ethnic and traditional hunts of particular regions around the world
  • Current or historical hunting and conservation
  • Background on a particular species as it relates to hunting

We buy all rights to manuscripts, including electronic rights. Fees for professional writers are under review at this time. Non-professional contributions will receive an honorarium of $25. No fiction or poetry accepted. Features should be no more than 2,000 words and should be informative, accurate and designed to appeal to sportsmen and women. This is on an “if published/when published” basis. News briefs are welcomed but are not bought. You must be an SCI or SCIF member for submissions to be considered for acceptance. 

Manuscript Preparation 

We prefer that you submit articles via regular mail at the address above. Please enclose hard copy and electronic version on DVD or thumb drive. Manuscripts sent without an electronic version are automatically rejected.

WE CANNOT WORK WITH WORD PERFECT or any word processors other than MICROSOFT WORD at this time. Title pages should have your name, address and phone number on them. DOUBLE SPACE all text, do not staple the hard copy, and use a one-inch margin for all pages. We prefer the font to be Times 12 point. Your manuscript should be no longer than 2,000 words, though we rarely make an exception.

ALL submissions must include a digital and hard copy of the manuscript. High resolution photos should be submitted at the same time. In all cases, acceptance for publication will be decided by the suitability of submitted materials, especially photos. We need a complete photo package with photos that establish the setting of the hunt; action photos of hunt party members; interesting points such as scrapes, tracks, etc.; hunter with trophy; interesting gear such as rifle and scope, game call in use, etc. Most important, photos must meet our production standards for quality. See detailed photo requirements below. Incomplete submissions will be rejected. Include self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of materials. Materials will not be returned otherwise.

Photography Submissions (as part of manuscript package only) 

We are interested in articles that deal with legally huntable big game of trophy quality in a natural setting. In support of such articles we want to see more than pictures of dead animals, e.g., living animals; landscape; campsites; the hunting party while tracking, glassing, etc.

All submitted art must be labeled and captioned. Caption information must match the slides and photos; please submit a hard copy of the caption list as well as a digital version.

Digital photos: Photographic support is extremely important. Every article submission must be accompanied by a DVD or thumb drive with several different, high-resolution digital images. There should be a good variety of images. High resolution is defined as at least 2MP minimum, approximately (1200x1600). We prefer photos of at least 5MP (2500x1800) and larger – the larger the better. The bigger they are, the bigger we can print them. Low resolution or photos with less than 1024 pixels in any dimension will be rejected automatically. Please add your name to the beginning of file names to avoid the possibility that your files might match another author’s file name.  

  • Color Slides: We accept color slides ONLY for historical photos that cannot be retaken digitally. USE SLIDE SLEEVES to hold slides or transparencies. Do not ship them unprotected. They should be sharp and well-exposed. Label each slide with your name.
  • Black/white: We accept B/W images ONLY for historical photos that cannot be retaken digitally. Glossy or semi-glossy prints, 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 preferred.
  • Color Prints: We accept color prints ONLY for historical photos that cannot be retaken digitally. 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 preferred; others considered based on quality and story needs. Glossy preferred.

Do not write on prints, front or back. All photos, if accepted, become the property of Safari Club Publications. Even though we try, the return of your photos is not guaranteed.  

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