SCI Methuselah Award

Honor the ancient animals that have given their all.


Methuselah Record Book or Photo entries will be approved by a special Record Book Ad-Hoc Committee, based on factors that show the harvested animal is old and beyond prime.

Hunters will need to provide the Committee with additional pictures and/or documentation that demonstrate the features of Methuselah Animals, to include:

Photos of:

  •  Body condition
  •  Teeth wear
  •  Horn mass
  •  Horns showing wear, brooming and breakage that comes with longevity.
  •  Pictures of antlers that show antler mass or receding growth characteristics of a past prime deer

Additional documentation could include Game Management Departments' age estimates based on analysis of teeth or horn rings.

For previously submitted entries, only submit the New Methuselah Photo Entry form with additional photo or documentation.

Once an entry is approved for the Methuselah Award, the member can further recognize that entry by purchasing an engraved Methuselah Coin, a specialized Methuselah ID Plaque or a Methuselah Photo Plaque.

Methuselah award entries can be viewed on the Online Record Book by browsing by "species" and search under species for "Methuselah" by continent.

For more information about the Methuselah Award, please email us [email protected] or call 1 520.620.1220 option 5

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