Lansing Chapter Sends Two on Wish Hunts

Lansing Chapter's annual Chapter Fundraiser, we were able to send these two deserving young men on Safari Wish Hunts this fall. Gabe Myers and his dad, Ken, were part of the Tony Stemple Foundation for Hope group that hunted in late September at Muy Grande Ranch and Resort near Millersburg. Later in early October, Tom Baker Jr., or T.J. for short, and his dad, Tom, joined the next Tony Stemple Foundation for Hope group that hunted at Valhalla Ranch near Grayling, Michigan.

At both hunts, the participants were given an array of gear–Realtree camo clothing, Lacrosse boots, Leupold binoculars, Pro-Ear ear protection, custom made knife, multi function back pack and many more items. Those were topped with a good luck charm ‚Äúthat hasn‚Äôt failed yet,‚Äù a very sharp flint arrowhead worn on a buckskin lanyard around the neck.

The young men and parents enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of our Northern Michigan woods for four days. Many uplifting life experiences, heart rendering faith, and positive attitudes were shared and life long friendships were made.  While all this was going on, the young participants went hunting each morning and afternoon and accomplished another dream experience. They both harvested a beautiful big whitetail buck.  The proud hunter’s big smile says it all. Thanks to The Wildlife Gallery, they won’t wait long before they have a beautiful mount on their wall to enjoy and to show friends.

At the close of camp, when everyone had to go back to reality, it was hard for all to say goodbyes. Non-hunters felt they left camp with more than the hunters because of the humbling inspiration these grand young people provided.– Jim Leonard

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