Jun 1, 2020

Safari Club International Kicks off Virtual Advocacy Week

Safari Club International (SCI) is kicking off our first-ever Virtual Advocacy Week – a digital spin on the traditional Washington D.C. fly-in and annual Lobby Day. These events will span three days from June 2 to June 4. Through interactive video webinars featuring key decision-makers from the U.S. and Canada, SCI members will have a

May 28, 2020

Senator Dan Laughlin Named 2019 SCI State Legislator of the Year

Safari Club International is proud to announce Senator Dan Laughlin of Pennsylvania has been named 2019 SCI State Legislator of the Year.  Senator Laughlin was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate in November 2016, representing the 49th Senatorial District, which includes a portion of Erie County. Senator Laughlin serves as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate Game

May 27, 2020

Buck Slim

A classic lock-back, folding hunter slims down for easier pocket carry. In hunting camps everywhere the Buck Folding Hunter (Model 110) has a constant presence. If it’s not the outfitter or guide who carries one in a leather case on their belt, then it’s one or more of the hunters in camp who have chosen

May 27, 2020

Costly Anti-Hunting Bill Clears California Senate Committee Despite Global Opposition

On May 27th, the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water voted 5-1 to advance Senate Bill 11175, legislation that would ban the possession and importation of thirteen species of African game animals, the majority of which are stable or increasing populations in range countries where they are hunted. Despite the documented benefits of

May 25, 2020

Pathfinder Youth Hunts Available This Fall!

Application Deadline:  Monday, July 6, 2020 SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services, Hunter Legacy 100 Fund and Trinity Oaks give back to make once-in-a-lifetime hunting experiences possible for disabled and terminally ill youth who are 19 years old or younger. Download the Pathfinder Youth Hunt Application and read more about prior Pathfinder Youth Hunt recipients at www.safariclubfoundation.org. 

May 22, 2020

Sweet Sahara Safari….in Texas

There’s a fine art to being a good observer. As a hunter, I want to participate, but keen observers need to recognize when they need to keep their mouths shut and stay out of the way. This was one of those times! A big herd, perhaps 50 animals, was feeding slowly along a linear clearing.

May 21, 2020

California State Senate Considering Bill That Would Hinder International Conservation Efforts

 The California State Senate is currently considering legislation that would damage wildlife conservation efforts and community   livelihoods in Africa. Senate Bill 1175, introduced by Senator Stern (D), aims to prohibit the importation and possession in California   of thirteen species, the majority of which are not endangered and are stable or increasing in range countries where

May 20, 2020

Coronavirus, Telehealth & The Generational Divide

The results of the recent Global Rescue survey about telehealth and the current pandemic revealed a few surprises. For example, respondents 71 and older were 43% less likely to use telehealth than people in their 30s. Perhaps that outcome can be attributed to the digital divide. But the survey exposed another surprise, specifically that the

May 18, 2020

New Hampshire Accepting Applications for Moose Hunting Permits

If an Eastern Canada moose is on your bucket list, consider applying for a permit in New Hampshire. The Granite State is accepting applications for its 2020 moose hunt, which is open to nonresidents. The state has a population of about 3,000 moose and will issue 49 permits this year. New Hampshire’s nine-day moose hunt

May 18, 2020

Iowa Accepting Nonresident Deer Applications for 2020 Hunting Season

Nonresidents may now apply for Iowa deer hunting licenses for the 2020 fall hunting season. The deadline to submit applications or to purchase a preference point is midnight on June 7, 2020. The cost is $144 for a nonresident hunting license and habitat stamp, plus $348.50 for the nonresident buck tag. Applications may be submitted

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