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Mar 5, 2021

Kipplauf: Both A Type Of Rifle And A Hunting Ethic

            Mention the word “kipplauf” around a hunting campfire and chances are there will be blank stares on faces as the dancing flames light up the night.             Yet, the kipplauf is an important part of both firearms and hunting heritage. Certainly, its roots are embedded in the foundation of both the freedom to hunt

Mar 4, 2021

Connecticut State Senate Holds Hearing on Hijacking Wildlife Management Decisions

Yesterday, the Connecticut State Senate Committee on the Environment convened for hearings on several bills, including legislation that would ban the import, sale, and transport of African elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, black rhinos, and white rhinos, including hunting trophies. Disingenuous attempts like this to “save” African wildlife will actually inhibit conservation efforts and bankrupt local

Mar 3, 2021

Let’s Talk Hunting with David Wells

Spring training baseball is heating up, and that usually means the spring turkey gobbles start getting louder and louder. Baseball and hunting – does it get any more American than that? During his 21 year Major League Baseball career, David Wells struck out more than 2,000 batters, played in three MLB All-Star Games, won two

Mar 3, 2021

Ravin Introduces The First Ever Takedown-Style Crossbow

Ravin turns traditional crossbow design on its head with the R18, using the new VertiCoil Cam System to compact a full-power crossbow into a weapon a fraction of the size of all others. The proprietary VertiCoil Cam System that powers the R18 takes already legendary HeliCoil Technology and—literally—cranks it up. This system rotates the R18’s

Mar 2, 2021

Hunting and Fishing Generate Over $1 Billion for Conservation and Outdoor Access

Last week, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced the distribution of more than $1 billion to state fish and wildlife agencies through the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program. The money was generated by revenue from hunting and fishing licenses, excise taxes on guns/ammunition and other gear, and motorboat fuel. This apportionment of funding

Mar 2, 2021


My paternal grandfather was the most serious bird hunter in the family. Because the seasons were staggered, clear into the Sixties he’d start in South Dakota in October, work his way down through Nebraska and finish up in his Kansas hedgerows. Dad went to South Dakota with his Dad for the first time in the

Mar 1, 2021

In The Beginning: The Genesis Of SCI And Who Was There

Editor’s note: This year we are gearing up for SCI’s 50th Anniversary, which will be celebrated at the Convention in Las Vegas January 19-22, 2022 with a party, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.. In an actually not-so-odd turn of events, SCI has a chapter that is older than the mother organization itself.

Feb 26, 2021

SCI Foundation “First for Wildlife” Endowment Makes Historic First Grants

SCI Foundation (SCIF)’s First for Wildlife Endowment recently made its first ever grant disbursements following approval from its Board of Directors. The endowment was established in 2015 to support the long-term implementation of the Foundation’s mission to ensure the future of wildlife through conservation, education and hunting. The generosity and passion for wildlife among SCIF

Feb 26, 2021

Conservation and Buffalo Hunting in Zimbabwe

As thrilled as I was to fulfill my dream of hunting Cape buffalo, I came away with something even greater—a deep appreciation and respect of outfitters, such as Corris Ferria, and their crucial role in preserving habitat and wildlife through sustainable hunting. The Communal Areas Management Program for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) is a Zimbabwean community-based

Feb 25, 2021

SCI Congratulates Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts

Sunday was a historic day for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The organization inaugurated the first cohort of nearly 1,000 female Eagle Scouts. BSA was founded in 1910, and the group has been woven into the cultural fabric of America ever since. In 2018 the Boy Scouts of America started accepting girls as Cub

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