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Sep 10, 2021

19th Annual AWCF Scheduled as Hybrid Event for 2021

Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) is preparing for the 19th African Wildlife Consultative Forum, to be held November 8-12, 2021. This year’s Forum is hosted by the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks at the Cresta Mowana Resort in Kasane. Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, in-person capacity is limited to only 50 people, leading

Sep 10, 2021

Nyala With A Handgun In Mozambique

Poen Van Zyl of Zambeze Delta Safaris stood 15 feet above me atop a vegetation-strewn termite mound and surveyed the abandoned garden through a well-used pair of binoculars. The local tribesmen, who call the famed Coutada 11 of Mozambique home, practice slash-and-burn farming. They clear enormous areas in the forest and then abandon those areas

Sep 9, 2021

SCI/F Supports Indigenous Peoples and Communities at IUCN World Conservation Congress

Today SCI/F affirmed the importance of indigenous peoples and local communities in wildlife conservation at the IUCN World Conservation Congress currently held in Marseille, France. IUCN members, including SCI/F, voted on 41 different motions regarding conservation around the world. Holding the proxy for several other North American organizations unable to attend due to COVID-19 travel

Sep 8, 2021

SCI 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rifle-Pistol Project Moves Forward

As this crazy year continues to fly by, anticipation of this coming year’s Convention continues to grow. I am so much looking forward to the long-awaited reunion with all my great friends at this year’s Convention. I am especially excited for the official unveiling of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rifle-Pistol project to SCI members. My

Sep 7, 2021

FWS to Resume Processing of Sport-Hunted Elephant Import Permits

SCI welcomes the news that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has reached an agreement to begin processing elephant import permit applications again. Since 2017, the FWS has not made any decisions regarding scores of applications seeking permits to import elephant hunting trophies from southern Africa. The FWS signed a settlement agreement in lawsuit

Sep 6, 2021

Second San Angelo Chapter Pathfinder Hunt A Success

Two young hunters recently took trophy game animals — a Texas Dall sheep and an axis deer — during the second annual Youth Pathfinder Hunt in Texas. Reece Harrington, 7, and Bryce Carr, 10, were behind the rifles in June at JL Bar Ranch Resort & Spa near Sonora. Reece claimed the Dall, and Bryce took the

Sep 3, 2021

The Most Unusual Deer

Pére David’s deer, also called milu, survived a close call with extinction Translated from Mandarin, the word “milu” means “four not alike.” It’s a very good name for the Asian ungulate milu, also called Pére David’s deer. The large, imposing deer is unlike any other antlered animal. The “four” are the tail of a donkey,

Sep 2, 2021

Dove Season Kicks Off

Dove season opens this weekend in many states; did you know that doves are the most harvested species in the United States with around 1 million hunters annually? This is a hunting and conservation success story as they have been sustainably harvested for over 20 years.  Dove season opens Sep. 1st – Nov. 12th and Dec. 17th –

Sep 1, 2021

Medical Advisory Services: Medical Support While Traveling

A spreading rash or an infected cut while traveling can make even a great trip feel uncertain. That’s when medical advisory services are a potential lifesaver. With more than a million members, you can imagine the number of calls at Global Rescue. Not every call is a distress signal from the top of Everest; some

Aug 31, 2021

EU Removes US from List of Approved Countries for Travel

The European Union (EU) has removed six countries, including the United States, from the list of countries approved for relaxed travel restrictions for non-essential travel. This past May, the EU had recommended that member states allow fully vaccinated travelers from the United States to be allowed entry without restrictions. The other countries or entities removed

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