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SCI Does It Right

by Sven. K. Lindquist, President of Safari Club International

The SCI May Board of Directors meeting is one of the most important times in the year because it is when the organization elects officers and other positions, as well as when the Board of Directors approves the budget for the coming year. There are many things that separate SCI from other organizations, and two of them are paramount when it comes to transparency and walking our talk.

SCI’s elections of officers each year are conducted by an independent Election Commission. This is important because such a structure precludes even the perception of impropriety in the way the elections are conducted.

Both the nomination and election processes in SCI are spelled out in our policies and procedures so that anyone involved knows how they work and how to participate if they so choose. There are no “secrets” or “backroom deals,” as has happened with other organizations over time.

This has resulted in a level of trust among members that we all can be proud of and that we can hold up to the world as an example of how such things are done when they are done correctly.

Another thing within SCI is truly unique in the hunting world. SCI has an Ethics and Code of Conduct mechanism that is a form of self-policing in that members are held to standards that are both high and fair.

SCI’s Ethics and Code of Conduct Committee is responsible for ensuring that SCI’s membership complies with ethical and legal standards, and provides a mechanism for reviewing, disciplining and/or terminating membership in SCI with the consent of the Board of Directors.

SCI Hunter’s Code of Ethics states:
“Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and future generations, I pledge:

• To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems.
• To improve my skills as a woodsman and marksman to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife.
• To comply with all game laws in the spirit of fair chase, and to influence my companions accordingly.

• To accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game law enforcement officers.
• To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meaning of this code of ethics.
• To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen, and to demonstrate abiding respect for game, habitat and property where I am privileged to hunt.”

All SCI members can be proud of the transparency and the high standards that make SCI the greatest organization of hunters the world has ever known.
I invite every SCI member to pass along this information to friends and family for two reasons: first, so they can be reminded about some of the things that make SCI special and second, so they can follow the Code of Ethics as they celebrate the hunt, both now and into the future.

Be proud of SCI. Be proud to be a hunter. And plan to attend the SCI Convention Feb. 22-25, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

See you there.

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