SCI Scores Big Time

By W. Laird Hamberlin, CEO of SCI and SCIF

Originally published in the April 2024 edition of Safari Times.

SCI is moving forward everywhere and in all that we do. In fact, things are happening so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with the progress. That’s a good thing.

For example, SCI was well represented at Cinegética last month. Cinegética is the premier hunting expo in Europe, held each year in Madrid, Spain. SCI’s joint venture with Cinegética is a prime example of how we’re expanding our presence around the world, the “I” in Safari Club International.

Then there will be just enough time for a wild turkey hunt or two this month before we all head to Washington, D.C., for the May Board of Directors meeting. This meeting includes the election of officers for the coming year as well as Lobby Day, where SCI members go to Capitol Hill to meet with their elected representatives to support pro-hunting measures and oppose anti-hunting legislation.

All of this is happening as SCI moves its business operations from Tucson, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas.

In San Antonio, the offices for SCI, Cinegética’s U.S. Personnel and Texas Trophy Hunters Association will operate out of the same building.

We will be celebrating a Grand Opening of our offices in San Antonio on June 29 I welcome all members to be there if you can.

TTHA, as I have discussed before, is now part of the SCI family and there is nothing but good news from the Lone Star State.

During the coming months, there will be the three traditional TTHA Extravaganzas, held the first three weekends in August, as well as a new Outdoors Extravaganza slated for Jan. 10-12, 2025, at the Dallas, Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

TTHA, together with SCI, will present a comprehensive showcase of hunting, fishing and camping experiences at the Outdoors Extravaganza.

This pioneering event will gather guides and outfitters from around the globe, presenting a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to explore a diverse range of outdoor pursuits.

The introduction of the Outdoors Extravaganza from Texas Trophy Hunters Association is a testament to TTHA’s incredibly successful events for Texan outdoors enthusiasts.

TTHA is the leader in Texas for events that bring the best to hunters. Now, with the Outdoors Extravaganza, TTHA can reach even more outdoors and wildlife enthusiasts, and provide access to products, gear and experts in all things outdoors.

These are but a few of the many things SCI is doing these days to expand our presence and influence around the world on behalf of hunting.

The future of hunting rests on six pillars: Advocacy, Chapters, Event Services (Convention), Hunting, Membership and Conservation.

Among those pillars, Chapters represent a critical element of the overall picture because Chapters are where things happen locally. It is the one-two punch of Chapters succeeding locally while the international organization succeeds worldwide that make SCI the dominant force that it is and should be.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Washington, D.C. for the Board of Directors meeting and for Lobby Day. Thank you all for being members of SCI, the finest organization of hunters the world has ever known.

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