Madrid, Spain – IFEMA – March 25th, 2023. The CEO of Safari Club International Mr. W. Laird Hamberlin and the President of Cinegética Mr. Marcos Quintas signed today the first transatlantic declaration of intention of fairs for hunting. This is the largest alliance to promote hunters’ way of life and will continue to defend conservation and the hunting culture under the common slogan “United For Conservation”. 

Five years ago, both organizations started informal conversations and saw the necessity to join forces to promote hunting and the whole industry. Society’s awareness of the benefits of hunting and critical conservation of habitats is rapidly declining, with grave consequences to the management of ecosystems and habitats in the near and distant future as a result. 

W. Laird Hamberlin, CEO of Safari Club International, travelled specially to Madrid to sign the declaration of intention. “SCI is excited to cement such a crucial, transatlantic partnership. This marks an important new chapter in the global effort to defend hunters’ freedoms in Europe.  The Cinegética and SCI partnership is critical as we prepare future generations to go afield while effectively communicating the essential role of hunters in conservation. ” He adds that, “As one of the most diverse hunting countries in Europe, easily accessible for all of Europe and with a large population of hunters as demonstrated in last year’s pro-countryside march, Spain is an ideal setting for the preservation of hunting and conservation worldwide.” 

Dr. Miguel Estade, President of the European Committee of SCI, added “it is a real success that we have agreed to join forces across our two continents. This is a model strategic alliance that will ensure the future of conservation in Europe and around the world. SCI is the leader in defending hunting and promoting conservation, biodiversity, and benefits to local communities. This declaration will undoubtedly improve coordination and results between both leading organizations.”

Marcos Quintas, President of Cinegética, stated that “I am very happy for this declaration of intention. It is an honor to work together with SCI, the biggest hunting organization to defend hunters beliefs and to promote and develop conservation projects worldwide. This declaration shall also serve to raise awareness of the importance of hunting in modern and globalized societies.”

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. It is unique in the scope of its ability to advance our freedom to hunt, mobilizing 146 chapters and affiliate networks representing millions of hunters from over 140 different countries.  With an all-species focus, SCI is First for Hunters. 

CINEGETICA created in 2013 is the largest hunting fair in Spain, with more than 270 exhibitors and 33.000 visitors each year. It is meeting point of national and international hunters, the place to connect, discover novelties and express freely their opinions and claim hunters’ rights.

Contact and information

SCI: Ben Cassidy +12026098168                       Cinegética: Juan Mitjans +34679950250