Sables Help Young Women Grow Into Leaders

By Susan Hayes, Sables President

I am thrilled to be elected as the 20th Sables President. The decision to run for the Sables President was an easy one for me because I am deeply committed to seeing the Sables into the future while honoring our past, our history and our accomplishments. 

I am confident that the upcoming years will bring great things to the Sables. I strongly believe it is up to us to help young women find opportunities for growth in leadership and giving back to their communities. 

As the new Sables President, I am committed to recruiting younger women into our membership because Sables can provide the mentorship and guidance they need to become future leaders. Sables also can provide a space where women hunters and non-hunting women, who support our hunting lifestyle and education mission, can feel support from the sisterhood of hunters and those who support proper wildlife conservation

As a woman hunter, I feel the Sables are an important aspect of my SCI membership and know the Sables will provide a welcoming home to women hunters for many years to come. 

In my commitment to the future of the Sables, I have already been hard at work with my Convention Committee for Nashville in 2024. You can look forward to new ideas, abundant auction items and fantastic entertainment. 

Nashville is going to be outstanding once again as Sables “Rock the South!” If you are interested in being a volunteer for one of our committees or at the 2024 Convention, we would love to hear from you. 

The Sables are committed to education and supporting SCIF in reaching educators, wildlife professionals, federal/state elected officials and others to teach them about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the importance of hunting within that framework. 

As the President of Sables, I will work diligently and without reserve to help SCIF build new education programs to meet these goals. By working together as a team, we can accomplish our goals, and I plan on leading a dynamic team through this very important time as conservation education is such a vital mission to all of us. 

It is an honor to be elected by the Sables leadership as their newest President. I thank everyone who has assisted me on my Sables journey for their support!