Youth Activities Event A Success At 2020 SCI Convention

youth tent 20 convention

This marked the inaugural year youth activities were provided as part of SCI’s annual convention. Inspired by a young SCI convention goer from the previous year, a youth activities tent was designed and developed by SCIF’s Education department, SCI’s North Nevada Chapter and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Called the Nevada Conservation Experience, the activities tent had a multitude of activities, including a fishing tank, target archery, hover archery, laser shot and a Sensory Safari trailer. Approximately 600 youth and their teachers and parents participated in learning skill-based activities related to hunting and fishing.

Six elementary/middle schools from the Reno school district reserved space to come and participate in the experience. Teachers and their 430 students were provided opportunities to hear from a variety of guest speakers on wildlife careers, including from experts in the wildlife industry. Along with this, they were given time to participate in the many activities and were served a lunch before heading back to their respective schools.

In addition to the schools attending, the general public as well as members were given the opportunity free of charge to participate in the Nevada Conservation Experience during the SCI convention. Youth and parents enjoyed the activities in the tent during this time as well as gaining knowledge about conservation and shooting sports.

Plans are already being made for next year to have another youth activity tent at the 2021 SCI convention in Las Vegas.  These activities allow SCI/F to engage youth to participate in shooting sports and conservation education theme exhibits.

Many of the youth attending had never caught a fish, shot a bow or BB gun, so it allows us to open a world of outdoor activities never before experienced by many. This is where they learn skills related to our hunting heritage.–Todd Roggenkamp Assistant Director of Education

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