UK Trophy Import Ban Gets Second Reading from Lords

After passing the House of Commons in March, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords held a “second reading” of the trophy import ban bill on June 16. Many Lords spoke about the bill, and surprisingly, a majority spoke against it because of the negative conservation and livelihoods impacts an import ban would have. Many—including SCI, of course—have spoken against the bill, most notably African range state representatives, community leaders, and wildlife biologists from the UK’s most prestigious universities. The Lords are clearly listening; much more than the House of Commons ever did. The bill now moves to a House of Lords committee, in which amendments can be proposed. Based on the statements at the second reading, SCI expects that the Lords will consider adding a conservation exception (i.e., enhancement exception) that would establish a similar import permitting system implemented in the United States. Read more about the second reading from The Times.