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SCI’s New Zealand Chapter Succeeds In Passage Of Game Animal Council Bill

SCInewzealandhnt4evr121313 Foresight and perseverance finally pay off. Charter members of the New Zealand Chapter of Safari Club International finally were rewarded for their foresight and perseverance when the government passed the Game Animal Council Bill last week. This bill creates a council that represents the interests of the hunting sector and improves the management of hunting resources while contributing to positive conservation of deer, tahr, chamois and pig that are subject to the Wild Animal Control Act 1977. The effort has taken since 1993. Chapter members are extremely grateful to SCI for the initial contribution of funds that was used to set up the Game and Forest Foundation of New Zealand. This organization was the necessary steering wheel required to bring interested parties together and create a stronger voice to defend and protect hunting rights. NZ Chapter Members are delighted that the hunting fraternity of New Zealand finally has the opportunity for a united voice and direct input into the protection and management of the world renowned game resources. Chapter members welcome the opportunity to work alongside all of New Zealand’s hunting clubs and organizations to secure a healthy hunting environment for both now and for future generations of New Zealanders and international visitors. “We believe that, with this bill becoming law, chapter projects already in place such as our Wakatipu White Tail recovery project, and the commitment to investigate a study into the current population and survival of the South Island Chamois herd, can now get the additional support of other interested parties and possibly, come under the umbrella of the new Game Animal Council,” Bruce Flett, SCI NZ Chapter President,    reported. The Chapter applauds the efforts and dedication the Hon Peter Dunne has put into making the Game Animal Council a reality.

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