SCI Continues To Expand

By W. Laird Hamberlin, SCI/F CEO

Everything happens quickly in today’s world, and SCI is the leader of the pack in the hunting community when it comes to expansion, both in terms of members and partners.

With its global presence, SCI can leverage opportunities in ways that local, regional and national organizations often cannot. Thanks to the vision of the volunteer leadership and professionalism of the staff, SCI is increasing its global footprint by the day.

We, at the staff level, work tirelessly to help position SCI so we can continue to be First For Hunters now, and into the future. Recent acquisitions and partnerships bolster SCI at the same time they strengthen our new SCI family members and partners.

As I emphasize constantly, the future of SCI and hunting rests on six pillars: Advocacy, Chapters, Convention (Event Services), Membership, Hunting and Conservation.

Not long ago, we welcomed Texas Trophy Hunters Association into the SCI family, and we are working feverishly to help that organization grow. TTHA is putting on three Hunters Extravaganzas in the Lone Star State this month. I hope to see all SCI members there.

Meanwhile, we have been aligning ourselves with other groups in the hunting world. There is strength in numbers, and SCI’s numbers keep getting bigger all the time.

Recently, we completed a first-of-its-kind partnership agreement with Grand Slam Club/Ovis (GSCO). You will see evidence of this partnership, beginning with SCI’s 52nd Annual Hunters’ Convention. GSCO will have its event on Feb. 4, 2024, immediately following the SCI Convention in the same facilities.

This means that members of both groups can gather in one place at one time to celebrate the hunt, renew acquaintances and arrange for hunts around the world. Click here or check out the August edition of Safari Times for more details about this partnership.

Earlier this year, SCI and Cinegética in Spain signed the first transatlantic declaration of intention to conduct fairs for hunting. This is the world’s largest alliance to promote the hunters’ way of life and will continue to defend conservation and the hunting culture under the common slogan “United For Conservation.”

SCI has expanded its presence in Europe significantly over the past year and will continue to be a bigger factor there in the future.

In addition to Europe, SCI is expanding its footprint in the Americas, including the formation of a new chapter in Mexico, with continued expansion in South America.

Very recently SCI entered into a partnership with USA Shooting, the national governing body for international shooting sports in the United States. See page 10 of the August Safari Times for more information on that new partnership. In SCI publications during the coming year, you’ll also see coverage that focuses on USA Shooting’s “Path to Paris” campaign for the 2024 Olympics. 

Each of these acquisitions and partnerships warrants celebration. Plan to join in the celebration at the SCI Convention Jan. 31 through Feb. 3, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee.