PETA On A Roll Demanding Name Changes Of Villages, Streets

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals continues its march forward in demanding town councils change the names of streets and towns the animal liberation group finds offensive.

Earlier this fall, PETA sent a letter to the town of Wool in Dorset, England, asking the Parish Council to change the name of the ancient village to Vegan Wool. Their reasoning was that sheep suffer terribly during the shearing process and the town’s name change would be a nod to a kinder and gentler attitude toward the sheep.

The main problem with the request was the name Wool is an ancient word referring to water. It has nothing to do with sheep at all.

The Parish Clerk sent a letter to PETA denying the request and refused to waste the Council’s time with such nonsense.

Not to be deterred by such trivia as the entomology of a town’s name, PETA set its sights on the ancient French village of Issigeac. According to, the medieval town is located in the province of Dordogne, which is famous for duck confit and foie gras.

PETA is demanding the town’s mayor rename Rue de la Saucisse, which translates to “Sausage Street” to Rue de la Soycisse. The name change would be a nod to soy – a common ingredient in vegan meals.

hungry sausageThe Mayor of Issigeac, Jean-Claude Castagner, told Le Parisien that he initially thought the letter from PETA was a gag, but realized it was an official request after investigating.

“It’s nonsense and it’s out of the question for me to do it!” Castagner added.

In another strike against PETA’s attention to detail, the name of the street has nothing to do with gourmandise.

Elma Laporte, the one person who lives on the 15-meter lane, said that PETA are “completely out of place” with its request.

“The sausage has nothing to do with pork. This is the nickname that the villagers gave to one of [the townsfolk] at the beginning of the 20th century… Her name was Suzanne Tessier and the elders say that she loved this nickname [Saucisse]. So, why this step today?”

It is understood that the woman was nicknamed “saucisse” due to her stooped over appearance — similar to how a sausage bends, said the report.

PETA clearly believes it has stumbled on a great public relations campaign – even if the history behind the names have nothing to do with PETA’s narrative.

The website PETA Kills Animals suggests PETA is not through with the name-changing nonsense. It jokingly warns that the group may suggest Hamburg be renamed Blackbeanburg, Bologna changed to Portobello and Sardinia change its name to Soydinia.

But why stick with cities? PETA Kills Animals suggests PETA demands the country of Turkey change its name to Tofurkey. Yeah, that might work.

Stay tuned for more PETA buffoonery.

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