It’s Almost Convention Time!

By Sven K. Lindquist, SCI President

Our most recent issue of SAFARI Magazine is almost twice as thick as usual. That means it’s time to get ready to go to the SCI Convention

Given the steady stream of communications about the upcoming Convention on February 22-25 in Nashville, Tennessee, I am certain all SCI members are aware of it. The only question then is whether you turn your awareness into attendance. Please do. 

I sincerely hope that all SCI members plan to attend this particular Convention because it is the first time SCI is having its Convention in Nashville. And I can say with certainty, following the August Board of Directors meeting in Nashville, that the Music City is one great place for our annual get-together. 

At the Board meeting, as well as in the streets of Nashville, there was a feeling of being alive that has been absent in other places and other times. Palpable is not too strong of a word to use in this respect. 

Something is happening around the world and, even though it is hard to put my finger on just the right words to describe it, I just know that SCI and all hunters are in for a great future. 

It seems like the more the anti-hunters attack us, the stronger and more effective we become. This is no accident. It is precisely what SCI has been attempting to accomplish these many years. 

I was trying to figure out what the most important thing has been to help turn the tide, and then I realized that there hasn’t been just one thing. There have been many actions taken in many places over a lot of years that have done the trick. 

Perhaps we have reached, or are about to reach, a kind of critical mass in which it is the totality of all of our efforts that is saving the day. If so, then now is the time to turn up the volume and double down if we are to assure ultimate victory. 

Each member and each Chapter can help make this happen. By simply being members and Chapters, you already are doing something. I ask that you go another step and, to the degree you are able, help promote hunting. 

One way to help that happen and to have a lot of fun in the process is to attend the SCI Convention and support the auctions and the exhibitors. We are all in this together and the Convention is SCI’s biggest fundraising event of the year. 

The Auction Preview Guide in the November-December issue of SAFARI Magazine features hundreds of items that will be available at the Convention. This includes everything from hunts to guns to clothing and jewelry — something for everyone and a lot of it. 

While at the Convention, cruise the floor to see all of the products and services our exhibitors have to offer. These exhibitors help support SCI, so it is only fitting that we support them. 

And there is only one way to know exactly how great the upcoming Convention is. That’s by going there and experiencing it firsthand.

See you in Nashville.