How to Claim Refunds from Air Namibia Liquidators

Hunters who had bookings with Air Namibia when the airline declared bankruptcy and ceased operations this past February can now claim refunds from the appointed bankruptcy liquidators, Bruni & McLaren. The Namibian Association of Professional Hunters (NAPHA) has provided hunters with the appropriate claim documents, thanks to assistance from the Hospitality Association of Namibia.

Anyone with a claim against Air Namibia should download and fill out the affidavit to receive a refund. Have the affidavit and proof of purchase signed and stamped by a notary of the public then email the documents to [email protected]. For additional information, contact Bruni & McLaren at [email protected] or call +264-61-237-030. (Dial 011 first when calling from North America; 00 when calling from most countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.)