Chapter Leaders Prepare For Future

Chapter-Leadership-NASP-080316Leaders from 21 different chapters across the United States and Canada converged on the American Wilderness Leadership School outside of Jackson, Wyoming in early June for the third annual SCI Chapter Leadership Summit. The meeting is designed for chapters to learn and share best practices on effective ways to run a chapter and putting on successful fundraising events.

Participants also took a condensed version of the educator experience at AWLS. SCIF’s Deputy Director of Education Todd Roggenkamp and his team of instructors showed the chapter leaders how they teach the National Archery in the Schools Program, shotgun instruction, and covered their many other conservation and education programs that educators take back to their classrooms.

AWLS-Busting-some-clays-080316The AWLS facility is often called the “crown jewel” of SCI Foundation’s education programs. For chapter leaders who never had been, it was truly an eye-opening experience. The group even pitched in and contributed over $800 to upgrade classroom facilities at AWLS.

Feedback from some of the attendees:

“Thank you guys for putting on an awesome event. We were discussing it quite a bit on our drive back to Salt Lake City and our flight home while everything was fresh in our minds. We both learned way more than we expected about every facet of chapter leadership while thoroughly enjoying our time out there. We were extremely impressed with the resources that are available to our chapter that we didn't know about and plan on taking advantage of them in the future.

I think we both learned more about how SCI makes a difference in that one weekend than ever before, which was inspiring and motivating. While the facilities and activities were great, having such good, personable, helpful participants and staff was really what made the difference and we wanted to make sure you, your team, and the AWLS staff knew that we appreciated the hard work.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of thoughts and experiences with fellow board members from different chapters. Everyone was friendly and willing to share their information and ideas.”

“I really enjoyed interacting with other chapters’ representatives and the quality staff from SCI and SCIF.”

“We had excellent interaction among attendees and learned what SCI offers chapters that we have never utilized. The food was great, too!”

Chapter-leadership-shotgun-instruction“Absolutely loved everything! I’ve only been on the board for less than a year, so all of the information was very useful…very good mix of people and chapters…it was really valuable to have experienced chapter folks in the sessions.”

“Everything was awesome. It was a tremendous learning experience, but the discussion was the best part.”

“I really enjoyed getting to meet new people from other chapters and having the opportunity to discuss ideas about running the chapters and raising funds.”

“Being a newer member to this kind of crowd, I really appreciated the open forum between other members. It was a very welcoming environment and I never hesitated when I had a question.”

Group-Photo-2016-Chapter-Leadership-AWLS-CroppedFor chapter leaders interested in this event or any other training opportunity, please contact any member of the Chapter Services staff. New chapter leaders are encouraged to attend the August Board Meeting in San Diego this year. The Chapter Services staff will host an interactive seminar with the department heads of SCI and SCIF.

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