SCI Record Book Top Common Grizzly

Common-Grizzly-distribution-map-The grizzly is a powerfully built bear with long, thick hair that varies in color from dark brown to pale yellowish-brown. The body is massive and thick, with a prominent hump on the shoulders and a huge head supported by a short, muscular neck.

The grizzly is one of the finest hunting trophies on the North American continent. (Theodore Roosevelt considered it the top trophy.) For a big bear with a big skull, one should search the salmon rivers of British Columbia or of Alaska north of Unit 18. Interior or mountain grizzlies run smaller than the coastal salmon-eaters because they have less to eat. (Observing a grizzly eating berries on a mountainside, one wonders how the nourishment obtained can possibly compensate for the energy expended.) Interior grizzlies make up for their lack of size by having a beautiful coat of long, thick hair that comes in a variety of colors. Here are the Top Common Grizzly entries from the SCI Record Book.


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