Around the States

California: AB 28 would require an excise tax of 11% upon the gross receipts from the retail sale in this state of any firearm, firearm precursor part, or ammunition. Take action!

Florida: Senate Joint Resolution 1234 and House Joint Resolution 1157 propose to preserve in perpetuity hunting and fishing as a public right and preferred means of responsibly managing and controlling fish and wildlife. Florida advocates, take action here!

Maryland: Maryland Omnibus Conservation Funding Bill Awaiting Governor’s Signature. Last week, Senate Bill 327 received final legislative approval and now awaits the Governor’s signature. Once signed into law, the bill will provide a tremendous increase in conservation funding for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) while also increasing access and opportunities for both experienced and beginner sportsmen and women. Unfortunately, during the deliberations, the Sunday hunting waterfowl provision was removed from the bill. The remaining provisions within Senate Bill 327 are big wins for the sportsmen’s community and provide unique opportunities for Maryland to further its strong hunting heritage, foster the next generation of sportsmen and women, increase habitat management and infrastructure improvement to public lands, and grow research and understanding of various game species. Specifically, this bill: increases the price of the resident and non-resident hunting licenses by a few dollars (the first increase in 30 years), increases the price of the state duck stamp by a few dollars, establishes a Sika deer stamp to hunt Sika deer, establishes the “Wildlife Conservation, Education, and Outreach Program” within the Maryland DNR to help provide outdoor and hunting education to underserved communities, and allows non-resident students at a college or university in Maryland to obtain a licenses under a resident rate.

Nevada: SCI sent a letter to the Nevada legislature in opposition to the provisions contained in AB 355 which would restrict potential hunters under the age of 21 from possessing or controlling a semiautomatic shotgun or semiautomatic centerfire rifle.

Vermont: SCI President Sven Lindquist sent a letter to the VT Fish and Wildlife Department expressing strong support for the proposed recommendations for the 2023 moose harvest.