Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 – The Future Is Now

A damn good 10×42 binocular, 5000-yard ranging capability, and integrated onboard Applied Ballistics® Elite Solver providing in-display, customized, drop solutions, at your fingertips – that’s the Fury HD 5000 AB.

As hunters, shooters, and maybe just human beings, we are always looking to become more efficient. Anytime we gain dual-purpose functionality, or in this case, quad-purpose functionality, with a piece of kit, that’s a good thing. Accomplishing tasks better, faster, with less equipment, while eliminating steps in a process is pure magic; particularly for hunters who know, at the moment of truth, when all your hard work finally pays off, the stars align, and that single opportunity presents itself – fractions of second’s count. 

The Fury HD 5000 AB lets you capitalize on more opportunities – turning stories of the one that got away, stories of “there just wasn’t enough time”, stories of “he hit the gap, but was gone before I could squeeze of the shot” – into stories of full freezers, arguments with your sig-other over interior decorating, meals shared with friends, and stories told too many times.  

Three preloaded ballistic profiles (5.56, .308, 6.5 Creed) act as a quick-start if you own a rifle chambered for one of those cartridges, but that just scratches the surface of its functionality. Where the Fury® HD 5000 AB goes from smart to genius, is when you pair it with the FURY HD App and onboard Applied Ballistics® Elite Solver, giving you the ability to create custom ballistic profiles to precisely match the exact load you’re pushing through your rifle. 

The app also means you have access to the full Applied Ballistics® bullet library, so you are sure to find what you need to build your exact profile. Built-in environmental sensors factor in real-time variables like temperature and pressure, further enhancing the accuracy of your ballistic solution. Up to three custom profiles can be loaded on the unit – great for folks with more than one favorite rifle, or when hunting in a group and having your partner’s ballistic data at the ready may come in handy.

Optically, the Fury® HD 5000 AB combines dielectric multi-layer prism coatings and stunning HD clarity with XR™ lens coatings, making for an incredibly crisp viewing experience that’s durable enough to stand up to heavy use in the field. Calling out ranges, as well as what to dial for your hunting or shooting partner while reliably watching for critical visual cues (animal behavior, angle at which it is standing, hit, miss, perfect shot, too far back, last location after impact) aid in decision making before and after the shot. If stealthy silence is important, this Bluetooth capable masterpiece allows your hunting/shooting partner to laser targets while you access the communicated data with a simple glance at your preferred device (Phone/Kestrel/AB equipped Garmin). 

Wind, quite possibly the most difficult variable to account for in the long-range shooting equation, can be entered at a full-value right/left, or the shooter can enlist the help of the integrated digital compass coupled 

with the units Wind Bearing Capture Mode. To use the Wind Bearing Capture mode, simply determine the direction the wind is coming from, point the unit in that direction, press the Wind Bearing Capture button and lock in the bearing. The unit will remember that bearing until changed, factor it into the calculation when ranging your next targets and display an appropriate wind hold – further enhancing accuracy.

Link your Kestrel® or Applied Ballistics® equipped Garmin® device for the absolute ultimate in real-time precision, taking the Fury HD 5000 AB’s next-level performant to, well, the next level. Put it all together, and you have a comprehensive shooting solution at the push of a button. 

Capable of ranging reflective targets to an impressive 5000-yards with a lightning-fast readout, hunters and shooters quickly get distance and ballistic solution data needed to effectively execute shots. Users can expect readings to an approximate 2400-yards on trees and 1600-yards on game. Distance readings are displayed with .1 increment accuracy out to 999.9 yards/meters. 

Illuminated right barrel display can be set to yards/meters and MOA/MRAD to match user preference. Selectable ranging modes accommodate situational-specific scenarios. Ballistic mode displays the actual line of sight range and your wind/drop solution. Best mode relays the strongest return. Scan mode gives readings as you pan or track a moving animal. Can also be quickly programmed to relay angle-compensated readings.

Controls are simple to use and easily manipulated, with primary buttons located on the right side of the unit for optimal operation with a single hand – leaving your other hand free to hold your bow, rifle or other important piece of equipment. Rubber armored housing provides a solid grip in all weather conditions and extreme durability. Multi-position twist-up eyecups are comfortable and offer customized eye relief. Smooth center focus wheel and left-eye diopter ensure optimal image focus. Runs on common CR2 battery and includes Vortex’s comfortable GlassPak binocular harness.

The ultimate in versatility, the Fury HD 5000 can be used just like any other range finding binocular, making it ideal for gun and bowhunters alike. And with a minim ranging distance of 5 yards, virtually any bow shot can be accounted for.

No question, the approximate $1599 street price is a chunk of change, but when a person considers the cost of buying quality items individually to accomplish what the Fury HD 5000 AB does in a single unit, it really puts things in perspective.

Like all Vortex optics, they are covered with their lifetime, no-fault, transferable, VIP warranty. A very unique guarantee, for an optic with such robust technology bult in – testament to Vortex’s confidence in their products. 

On a tripod or in your hands, the Fury® HD 5000 AB is simply a smarter way to shoot.