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SCI Italy Chapter Donates 2,000 COVID-19 Masks

                                                           SCI Italy Chapter Donates 2,000 COVID-19 Masks

On March 25th, the Italian Chapter, thanks to the collaboration of the board member Pietro Grazioli, was able to deliver 2000 surgical masks from the factory in Brescia to the charitable institutions for social welfare and healthcare, recipients of the portions of Italian game meat in January 2020 and in the last two years. 
The masks are made of special fabrics water-repellent and breathable that protects nose and mouth against Covid-19 Virus.

Masks were distributed to:

Antoniano – Bologna
San Vincenzo – Brescia
Caritas Diocesana- Napoli
Gran Priorato di Napoli e Sicilia del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta – Napoli
Basilica Sant'Eustachio – Roma
Misericordie – Firenze

Italy Chapter photo


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