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SCI Alabama Chapter Goes to the Zoo

Alabama Chapter brought the Sensory Safari display to the Central Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts annual Tiger Cub Safari Day at the Birmingham Zoo on October 7, 2012. Chapter members Carol and Rick Clark, Bubba Dees, Jonathan Lehr, and John and Diann Chitwood greeted hundreds of Scouts and their families. They invited them to touch an elephant‚Äôs foot and tail, stroke the fur of fox and bobcat, howl with the coyote, and feel the skins of many African species. They introduced them to new animals–the suni, duiker and steinbuck.¬† The Scouts and adults marveled at the skulls of lion, baboon, javelina and jackal, the leg of an ostrich, and the vertebrae and leg bone of a giraffe. Thanks to the Lion King movie, many were excited to correctly identify the hyena and ‚ÄúPumbaa,‚Äù the warthog. The crowd favorites seemed to be the alligator head, which produced a lot of photos of kids with their arms in the gator‚Äôs mouth, and the pair of zebra hooves.

Several of the Boy Scout officials came to thank us and said that once again we were the hit of the event, but we thanked them for the opportunity to be a part of their day. Our members had as much fun as the Scouts.


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