Safari Club International Commends the Confirmation of Todd Geiler to Arizona’s Game and Fish Commission

Dr. Geiler

Dr. Todd Geiler

Last week, Arizona’s Game and Fish Commission gained an accomplished conservationist and lifelong outdoorsman when the state Senate confirmed Dr. Todd Geiler as its newest member.

Dr. Geiler is a stellar choice for the Commission with a long record of leadership and involvement in a long list of hunting and conservation organizations, including Safari Club International (SCI).  His record makes him uniquely suited to be responsive to the needs of a wide range of wildlife stakeholders, and distinctly qualified to represent them as part of the Commission.

One of the reasons SCI has been and will continue to be the world’s largest advocate for hunters is that hunters themselves serve as the cornerstone of the North American model of conservation, which has directly led to the population restoration of dozens of wildlife species. As a longtime member of SCI, Dr. Geiler knows that legal, regulated hunting is instrumental to protecting both wildlife species and their habitats.

Unlike the uninformed activists at the Humane Society of the United States who focus their efforts on fundraising off misleading and untruthful narratives, American hunters make real strides in conservation every day through revolutionary initiatives like the Duck Stamp and Pittman-Robertson Act.

SCI CEO W. Laird Hamberlin commented on Dr. Geiler’s Senate confirmation saying, “I’d like to thank Arizona Governor Ducey, on behalf of SCI, for nominating such a qualified candidate to their state’s Game and Fish Commission. His decision to do so shows that he understands the inseparable partnership the hunting community has with successful conservation, and I look forward to seeing the benefits Arizona’s people and wildlife will reap with Dr. Geiler contributing his knowledge and talents to Arizona wildlife management policy moving forward.” 

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