Ravin’s R20 Sniper Package

Ravin Crossbows is offering a new Sniper Package of its popular R20 crossbow, featuring everything you need in one complete kit.

The base of this innovative package is the Ravin R20. The R20 features the revolutionary Helicoil technology that powers all Ravin crossbows. The Helicoil technology allows the cams to remain perfectly balanced and level when drawing and shooting, resulting in a more compact crossbow that produces rifle-like accuracy. The Helicoil system results in a 13-inch power stroke providing 430 fps and 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Draw force is only 12 pounds.

Ravin R20 CrossbowThe Sniper package builds on the R20 reputation by adding the most common accessories to make your hunting experience unmatched. The package includes a high quality tactical scope mounted to a Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation mount that adjusts from 20 to 200 yards. The package also includes 6 Ravin .001 premium arrows and nocks, a removable cocking handle, quiver with mounting bracket, built-in sling mounts and more.

Ravin R20 Specs

SPEED (400 GR.): 430 fps

POWER-STROKE: 13 inches

KINETIC ENERGY: 164 ft-lbs

DRAW FORCE: 12 pounds

WIDTH AXLE-AXLE: 6 inches, cocked; 10 1/2 inches uncocked

TOTAL LENGTH: 34.5 inches


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