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People Eating Tasty Animals At Pig Roast Protested By PETA

Onset, Massachusetts was the scene of the Pig Roast and BBQ Buffet where guests enjoyed farm-raised pork and listened to the dulcet sounds of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals protest their culinary choices, according to an article in

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The protesters, at least one who was wearing a thick, plush pig costume, had to brave 90-plus degree heat. The activists spent three hours at the entrance of the event harassing attendees with the message: “animals are individuals, not food.”

“There is no humane way to kill somebody who doesn't want to die,” said one of the protesters, Laura “Lulu” Ray. “Animals want to live just like we do, and they deserve to live just like we do. They feel everything we feel and they know exactly what’s happening to them before they get killed.”

One of the barbeque organizers, Paul Girard, found protesters “funny” and didn’t think they would prevent guests from enjoying the dinner. 

“If God didn’t want us to eat pigs, he wouldn't have made them out of meat,” said Girard.

In a push-back against the animal rights activists, one barbeque guest stood alongside the protestors with a home-made sign that said: “That pig was delicious.”



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