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Parrish Council Clips PETA’s Efforts To Re-Name Village Of Wool

When PETA director Elisa Allen sent a letter to the Wool Parish Council, asking that the town change its name to “Vegan Wool.” the Parish Council said the matter would be considered at their next meeting in December.

The letter from PETA claimed sheep’s wool is a product of extreme cruelty and by changing their town’s name to Vegan Wool, the village would be taking a stand to promote animal-free materials.

The only problem, as pointed out by parish clerk Jacqui Hughes, is that the village name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for a spring, as in water, and has never been associated with the wool industry.

“Had PETA engaged with the council before using it as a means of promoting their investigation into the wool industry we could have enlightened them of that fact,” says the letter sent to PETA by Ms. Hughes, along with Parish Council Chairman Keith Foggon, stating they were refusing to add the item to the agenda.

“We understand we have been used as a means to highlight a PETA campaign but regret that in doing so PETA has diverted the time and energy of the Parish Council without consideration of the impact on the council's resources and time having to manage the full impact of the resulting media response to this story, when the council's time should be spent on serving its local community,” the letter continues, according to the Daily Echo.

The letter concludes by suggesting that the “cruelty-free” blankets PETA was offering to villagers if Wool was re-named be instead donated to local homeless shelters.

“They would be better utilized by people in need and possibly gain you some respected publicity,” Ms. Hughes said.

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