Importance of Youth Hunting on Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey

Safari Club International and Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey strongly encourage all hunters to mentor a youth this fall.   This is a critical time for the sport of hunting, especially for the future generation of young men and women that must carry the torch.  A recent survey by the US Fish and Wildlife Service shows that about 6% of Americans actually hunt – a significant drop from 25 years ago. In order to reverse this trend, hunters are encouraged to introduce a young person to deer hunting this season.  Due to urbanization, the constant buzz of electronics and social media and reduced access to private land, kids today are getting less exposure to the outdoors and hunting than ever before. 

This week's episode of Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey showcases a seasoned hunter taking his two sons on a mule deer hunt in the mountains of Colorado.  The stunning vistas and hefty free-range mule deer featured in the episode are indicative of the ideal North American hunting experience for a youth's first deer hunt to take with his/her mentor.  While not every mentor will be able to take a hunter to such a stunning made-for-TV location, all 50 states offer ample outdoor opportunities this fall.  Hunting teaches children about appreciating time spent in nature, gaining confidence in their own abilities, and learning how to preserve the ecosystems around us.  These traits are all showcased in this week's episode, which should be appointment viewing for a youth and a mentor to watch together in anticipation of their first hunt together this upcoming fall.

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