France and United Kingdom Considering Import Bans

SCI regularly collaborates with its partners to fight against import ban efforts around the world, and will work to defeat two recently introduced proposals in Europe.  

In France, a bill that would prohibit the import of hunting trophies of many different species was recently introduced by MP Sandra Regol and was co-signed by 26 Members of Parliament. The bill would prohibit the import, export and re-export of all or part of an animal of a species listed in appendices A, B and C of EC regulation 338/97, which essentially reflects the CITES Appendices. The bill would also ban the promotion or advertising of hunting for these same species.

In the UK, MP John Spellar reintroduced his private members’ bill that would prohibit the import of hunting trophies.  The text of the bill is not yet available.  A similar effort to prohibit trophy imports failed in the House of Lords in late 2023.  It remains unclear whether the government will give the bill enough time for full consideration to make it through both chambers during the current session.  Relatively few private members’ bills are given enough time each year.  The next step for the bill—the 2nd Reading in the Commons—is currently scheduled for March 22, 2024.