Colorado Launches Hunting Webinar Series

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has launched a new series of online classes about hunting in Colorado. Called “Learn to Hunt” the classes are perfect for anyone just getting started in hunting, but there are some courses that could benefit more experienced hunters as well, including a session on how to understand hunt statistics and how to take advantage of Colorado’s new Secondary Draw. 

The classes are all conducted using the online meeting services of Zoom, so all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Courses are scheduled on Thursday nights at 7 pm starting May 7, 2020. To register go to: Registration is free.


Hunter Class Schedule

  • Virtual Scouting Tools – May 7 – We will cover resources to help you find where to hunt.  The Colorado Hunting Atlas, Google Earth, and phone apps can help hunters find places to hunt.
  • Understanding Hunt Statistics – May 14 – Learn how to use the free hunt statistics in planning your future big game hunts.  Make the most of your draw applications and leftover license options.
  • Field Scouting – May 21 – Time spent in the field before your season starts can pay off in hunter success.  Let’s talk about making a reasonable plan to get started.
  • Big Game Hunting Tactics – May 28 – We will discuss three hunting tactics to try in the field and when you might want to try them.
  • Secondary Draw, Leftover Licenses, and OTC Licenses – June 4 – New to Colorado in 2020 is the Secondary Draw.  Let’s talk about how this works, as well as left over and over the counter options for this coming fall.
  • Hunt Mentors and Hunt Community – June 11 – A challenge to new hunters, or hunters new to Colorado, is finding people to hunt with.  We will discuss opportunities to find mentors and fellow hunters.