Around the States: California, Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin

California: SCI submitted a letter to Governor Newsom requesting he direct the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to deny the Catalina Island Conservancy permit application to eradicate all mule deer from Catalina Island. Read the letter.

Colorado: Colorado:  Anti-hunting groups have filed another ballot initiative to ban the hunting and trapping of mountain lions, lynx and bobcats.  Initiative 2023-2024 #101, filed shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, would ban hunting and trapping of the previously listed species from January 1 to December 17 of any given year as well as the use of traps, bait, dogs, or electronic devices to follow or chase a mountain lion, bobcat, or lynx, among other things.  SCI is a member of a coalition fighting against this initiative as well as the previous proposal, IP 91, which is still alive and ongoing.

Montana: SCI submitted comments in general support of the 2024 and 2025 Mountain Lion Hunting Regulations, Season Structures, and Hunting District Boundaries. Read the letter. 

Wisconsin: SCI submitted comments in support of Senate Bill 586 which would allow hunters to use an airgun when pursuing game animals in seasons open to firearm hunting. Read the letter.