Canada Bans Import of Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn 

Canada has enacted an elephant ivory and rhino horn import ban. The ban is plainly hypocritical when considering Canada’s domestic wildlife conservation policies, which generally support sustainable use conservation. It is disappointing, to say the least, that Canada has shown such little respect for the affected African nations that protect over 80% of the world’s African elephants, nearly 70% of black rhinos, and approximately 90% of all white rhinos, all of whom oppose import bans. As Canada is well aware, hunting generates significant conservation benefits. Banning lawful imports has negative consequences—as demonstrated by empirical research from Canada, which opposes import bans into other countries of Canadian wildlife like polar bear because of these harmful consequences. SCI submitted extensive comments and information in opposition to the ban in July and will continue to fight against this irrational and damaging policy.