Alejandra Ortega: SCI World Hunting Award Coordinator – Administrative Assistant

I would like to introduce you to the SCI World Hunting Award Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, Alejandra Ortega. Alejandra oversees the World Hunting Awards Program where she works with the Record Book Team to assist SCI members to achieve their World Hunting Award goals.  

Alejandra OrtegaAlejandra is from Tucson, Arizona and even though she has never hunted, SCI has been a huge part of her life since she was born. Alejandra’s mom Sandy has worked for SCI since Alejandra was born, so she has gained an appreciation for a great organization that has helped provide for her family for many years and even more so in the last two and a half years since she’s was hired in the Record Book Department.

Alejandra has two roles within the Record Book Department as she is the Department’s administrative assistant responsible for day-to-day billing as well as the administrative duties of the Record Book and World Hunting Award Committee.  Alejandra’s second role in the department is that she is the World Hunting Award Coordinator responsible for assisting members to understand the World Hunting Award program requirements, ordering all awards and bronzes, and assisting with the Major Awards process as well as the SCI Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The favorite part of Alejandra’s job is working with members who participate in the Record Book and World Hunting Award programs. She takes a lot of pride in helping members, not only understanding the awards program, but also helping members plan future hunts and stay on track to achieve all of their goals. Don’t hesitate to contact Alejandra if you have any questions in your achievement summary or how to submit a Record Book entry.  

Alejandra is most excited in becoming an SCI Master Measure and looks forward to continuing to learn how to measure when working with Gilbert and Gabe. She is proud of all SCI Members who protect the freedom to hunt, both in the United States and Internationally.–Jeff Meyerl, Chairman Record Book and World Hunting Awards Committee

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