UK Animal Rights Group Storms Pig Farm To Promote Vegan Lifestyle

In another attempt to force their culinary demands on the citizens of the United Kingdom, around 200 members of the animal rights group, Meat The Victims UK, invaded a pig farm in protest against factory farming.

The protestors stormed Sandilands Pigs near Laughterton, Lincoln, to expose their reality of factory farming to the public.

Around 100 activists entered a farrowing house in order to interact with the pigs, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

pig farmActivist Chris Hines told the Daily Mail that around 100 activists have come from all over the country and were inside the farrowing house, calmly interacting with the mother pigs and piglets.

After trespassing on the farm, of course.

Another activist said, “The message is that these places operate in secrecy, the public are funding something and they have no idea what goes on in there.

“We are trying to bring what happens in here into the light.”

Then he got to the crux of the matter: “We want to advocate for a plant based lifestyle, a vegan lifestyle so that these places don’t exist and animals are free.”

In other words, the activists don’t care what kind of farming goes on, they are against it, period. They simply protest under the guise of concern for farming practices.

A co-owner of the farm claimed the activists caused damage to the hut and caused the death of two piglets.

The activists denied any culpability and claimed they found dead animals when they entered the huts.

According to the Daily Mail report, Mr. Hines said the activists inside the hut were calmly talking to and reassuring the pigs and interacting with the piglets.


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