SCIF & Trigger Effect TV Kickoff Conservation Connection Video Series

For almost 5-years, SCI Canada has been a proud sponsor of Federal’s Trigger Effect, hosted by Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie. Filming for the 9th season is currently underway as the 8th plays on the Sportsman Channel in both the USA and Canada.

The show has taken Dean & Kent all over the world. From Argentina to South Africa and New Zealand, and all across Canada and the United States, they’ve had the opportunity to hunt with some of the most well-respected outfitters in the game. Perhaps the most unique aspect about the show is that both hosts come from a wildlife biology background, which provides them with an unparalleled ability to draw unique connections between their hunting adventures and the science-driven wildlife conservation efforts that make those hunting opportunities possible.

A cornerstone of each episode is the Conservation Connection segment, which provides live reports from the field and – thanks to an official partnership with Lethbridge College – the show features updates from researchers, biologists, and other wildlife professionals as they connect the dots between hunting and conservation in an informative and entertaining way.

Thanks to a new partnership with SCI & SCI Foundation, Conservation Connection is now going digital like never before with the kickoff of a new weekly video series that will be broadcast across the SCI/SCIF websites and social media platforms. With deer season being underway and the rut heating up throughout North America, we decided to kick the series off with an ecoligical concept that every deer hunter should understand – Buck to Doe Ratios.

Tune in next week, as the series heads to the South Island of New Zealand as Conservation Connection focuses on managing wallaby populations to prevent degradation of the landscape.

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