SCI Meets Speaker Mike Johnson 

Last week, SCI joined fellow hunting and conservation groups in a productive meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson. As an avid hunter and unwavering champion for sportsmen, Speaker Johnson welcomed our discussions on the most pressing issues facing the hunting community. 

No matter what, where, or how you hunt, SCI defends your freedom to do it. Hunting, and the hunter, is central to SCI’s Advocacy. Our core priorities critical to our mission, which we shared with Speaker Johnson, are: 

  1. Stop government overreach of wildlife management
  2. Protect and improve hunting Access and Education
  3. Advance science-based wildlife management
  4. Foster collaboration with local and rural communities pursuing wildlife stewardship
  5. Champion the hunters’ lifestyle 

We extend a thank you to the Speaker and our partners for a productive and action-oriented meeting. With a dedicated ally in the Speaker, SCI looks forward to collectively addressing these challenges for the betterment of hunting and conservation.