SCI 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pistol is Special in its Own Right

The 2022 SCI 50th Anniversary rifle and pistol combination is a one-of a-kind presentation. It’s rare to see two world-class firearms paired together to present a theme, and we are proud to present the 50th Anniversary edition to the SCI membership.

The two firearms are engraved to match in style and coloration — all at the exhibition level. Extensive use of 24k gold and platinum for inlays and border details, along with the hand-applied method of selective French gray, helps promote and sustain the overall artistic presentation for this magnificent set.

By its serial number, this 1911 Government Model .45 ACP was manufactured by Colt in 2011 — the 100th Anniversary of this most celebrated and revered military sidearm. It served as the standard-issue sidearm for the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985.

In preparation for engraving, the side panels were cleared of extraneous markings to present open space for scroll work and theme inlays. The entire peripheral of the gun was outlined in 24k gold borders. The scroll patterns used on both the handgun and the custom rifle were developed first on the Colt.

Open areas were created for the animal inlays and SCI Commemorative markings to advance the artistry of the set. The standard issue wood grips were replaced with a premium pair of American elk antler custom made by Eagle Grips. John Powers of Duson, Louisiana, blued the gun and selectively nitre blued the accent parts.

The scroll patterns are American in style with rolling and interlaced scrolls with floral terminals. All background metal is removed and punched. Since this two-gun set is to feature American game species, the first 24k sculpted and detailed inlay is of a bugling elk on the left panel. A Rocky Mountain bighorn graces the right panel and a standing grizzly is inlaid on the top of the slide.

The SCI 50th Anniversary commemorative information is inlaid in gold on the top rear panel. The style of scroll patterns and animal inlays developed for the 1911 Colt are sustained on the Bolliger Custom Rifle. Both firearms are blued and French grayed to confirm the coordinated engraving themes.– Mike Dubber

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