SCI 2020 Annual Convention Auction Sneak Peek

The 48th Annual SCI Convention is rapidly approaching. As always there are a wide variety of hunts, art, firearms and more that will be auctioned during the Convention to help us keep up the fight to save our hunting heritage. Here's a sneak peek of some of the great items up for auction. Don't miss out! Register today and join us in Reno, NV Feb. 5-8 2020.


OIl on Linen Gary Hacking

Original Oil on Linen Grant Hacking





Beretta Model 691












Shiloh 1874 Rifle

Sharps Rifle 1874




Damascus D-Guard Bowie

Damascus D-Guard Bowie Knife





splash bronze

Chip Jones Splash Bronze









Crusader Safaris

Crusader Safaris South African Plains Game Hunt






Vancouver bear hunt

Vancouver Island Coastal Adventures Black Bear Hunt


Ashnola guide

Ashnola Guide Outfitter Shiras Moose Hunt









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