Rigby Releases New Limited Edition W.D.M. Bell Highland Stalker Rifle

Rigby WDM Bell Highland Stalker

Paying homage to iconic British adventurer Karamojo Bell, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has released a new limited edition ‘W.D.M. Bell’ model of their Highland Stalker rifle.

The African big game hunter is celebrated worldwide as an advocate for accurate shot placement using smaller calibre rifles, a technique he perfected by the dissection and study of the skulls of elephants he shot, namely with his Rigby Mauser 7×57.

The limited run of just 50 rifles is the first model in Rigby’s new Heritage Series, which will form part of a collector’s series over the forthcoming years. Based on the original 1928 Rigby rifle design, on the magazine floor plate is the engraving of ‘W.D.M.B’, as per Bell’s original rifle. Plus the rifle has a Rigby spoon bolt handle and Mauser flag safety just like Bell’s.

Similarly the rifle features a Mauser 98 action, as well as an ivorine front fore sight and custom design rear half moon sight, regulated at 100, 300 and 400 yards, as per the original rifle. It also comes with a spare interchangeable standard Rigby rear sight regulated at 65, 150 and 250 yards.

Presented in a limited edition vintage style canvas case, the rifle comes with a limited edition print of the Rigby ledger book where Bell’s gun is listed, a Rigby knife and a copy of new previously unpublished stories by Bell, ‘Incidents from an Elephant Hunter’s Diary’, signed by all the Rigby gunmakers involved in production of the rifle.

The rifle is available in .275 Rigby, as per Bell’s original rifle.

RRP £14,950 excl. VAT | €16,950 excl. VAT |  $21,995 USD

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