Professional Hunter Spotlight – Temir and Kursat Ekenler, Wild Hunting in Turkey Ltd.

Temir and Kursat Ekenler, twin brothers, are the fifth generation carrying on the family legacy of landowners and citrus farmers in the Cukurova region of Southern Turkey. 

Hunting is a family tradition proudly passed from father to son. The brothers, who wanted to turn their passion into a business and a lifestyle, founded their outfitting business during the fall of 2009. Their goal was to outfit hunts for some of the indigenous species of Turkey and Central Asia. Kursat is in charge of hunting operations and Temir manages client bookings and business relations. 

With some of the world’s special Capra (Ibex/wild goat) and Ovis (wild sheep) on their doorstep, Temir and Kursat concentrated on these two species. They have controlled, conserved and developed the hunting areas.

 For over 20 years, Temir and Kursat have organized and outfitted hunts in a manner they believe is unique in the whole country. This approach is the key to maintaining the highest trophy quality and heathy population.  

They organize all big game hunts of Turkey (indigenous); Anatolian Konya sheep, Mid-Eastern red stag, Anatolian chamois, Anatolian gazelle, Western Kaunos ibex, Hybrid ibex and Anatolian Bezoar ibex, the largest ibex species in the world and the most popular big game hunt in Turkey. The countries in Asia that Wild Asia outfits are Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.                                                                                               

Temir comments on their operation: “We have managed to protect and control the game by careful, selective hunting and we are proud to have one of the world’s best ibex hunting operations, with trophies that most can only dream about. The hunting experience would fit any hunter’s expectations. Our different concessions offer areas for an easy or a challenging hunt.  We have been living this dream of ethical, sport hunting, conserving both the game and our wonderful natural environment for ourselves, our clients and guests — now and in the future for next generations.”

When afield, Temir explains the reason he and Kursat do not carry firearms:  “Because we do not hunt dangerous game, we do not carry firearms. We encourage our clients to bring their own rifles. They usually bring custom made, long-range precision shooting rifles. Suitable calibers are 7mm Rem. Mag. or .300 Win. Mag. and some newer calibers such as 28 or 30 Nosler.”

The Ekenler Brothers started their Central Asian outfitting hunting operation about eight years ago, due to high demand from their clients and friends, specializing in Mongolia at first. After many years of extensive research and countless hours of field work, they partnered with the best operators in Central Asia and Mongolia, creating exceptionally high-quality hunting.

Temir reveals why their clients and friends prefer to hunt with them: “Instead of dealing with foreign operators or western agents, they book with someone they know well and fully trust. Since most Central Asian countries are Turkic, we have a better understanding of their culture. Turks emigrated from Central Asia to Anatolia about a thousand years ago. We personally accompany and guide all our hunters on these hunts and strive to give the same level of service and hunting experience that we provide in Turkey.  We express our sincere gratitude and thanks to all of our past and present clients who have trusted us for organizing exclusive hunting trips in Turkey and Central Asia.”

Commenting on their success, Temir continued:   “During the last five years, we have harvested two World Record Bezoar ibex, one World Record argali from Mongolia and many more top ten SCI Record Book Capra and Ovis from Turkey and Asia.  Our experience, applied to the management of our hunting areas, enables us to provide the hunting trip of a lifetime. Through the hard work and dedication of our guides, Wild Hunting team continues to succeed in harvesting the biggest and oldest trophies in the world.”

Temir and Kursat are SCI Life members.  They commend Safari Club International for being one of the best advocates in the world, for protecting the rights of hunters and for many successful projects in wildlife conservation.

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