PETA Accuses SC Safari Of Cheap Publicity Stunts

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals broke into a frenzy when NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. posted pictures of himself playing catch with a chimpanzee and other wildlife photos on Instagram.

pulling out hairPETA tweeted that Myrtle Beach Safari “exploited” the animals for “cheap publicity stunts (that) are cruel and incredibly dangerous.”

PETA claimed in a statement on its website that the animals were pimped out as props by shameless roadside zoos, calling Myrtle Beach Safari “sleazy.”

PETA also asserted that Myrtle Beach Safari “has a lengthy record of violating federal law,” according to The Charlotte Observer.

The director of the safari, Doc Antle, disputed that claim.

“This is not a backyard zoo. This is a really magnificent wonderful place,” said Antle, according to WFAN. Antle said Myrtle Beach Safari has been investigated, but has not been cited for any federal violations, WFAN reported.

More than “130 wild animals, including 60 big cats,” wolves, apes and an African elephant live at Myrtle Beach Safari, according to its website. It offers a number of packages for visitors to interact with animals, ranging from $299 to $5,000.

Having a high-profile athlete such as Beckham interact with the safari’s animals helps raise awareness and money to help animals in the wild, Antle told WFAN.

Could that be the real reason PETA went berserk?

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