Keep The United Nations Out Of My Freezer

In the latest scheme of social engineering, a UN report claims taxing red meat will save the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combat wildlife habitat loss by directing people to a plant-based diet.

The Global Resources Outlook 2019 examines the trends in natural resources and their corresponding consumption patterns since the 1970s, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The report also calls for greater consumption of lab grown meats as a means of reducing the impact of cattle and other livestock, which currently account for 77 percent of agricultural land use worldwide.

The somewhat convoluted report claims that “each person in the planet’s wealthiest countries were found to use an estimated 9.8 tons of materials – including oil, gas, food and wood – in 2017.”

Jumping on the climate change bandwagon, the report states that annual global extraction of materials is set to double by 2060, causing a 43 percent increase in greenhouse gases.

Their solution – tax red meat. What one has to do with the other is a mystery, except that it is another attempt by those with an animal rights agenda to dictate the public’s food choices under the guise of protecting the environment.

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