International: SCI at the Saint Hubert Club

On January 18th, SCI hosted the Saint Hubert Club, Chaired by Mr. Alexandre Col, an esteemed hunters’ organization in France, for an evening presentation and discussion. SCI EU Liaison Juan Magaz spoke on “The indecipherable elections to the European Parliament 2024: where are the hunters?”. Speaking to this well-attended roundtable, he described what is happening now and what is to come in the EU bubble and explained the internal complexities of the European Parliament and European Commission and Council and the process through this year. 

The lively debate showed that the challenges are great for French and European hunters. Juan encouraged unity in the hunters’ voice, particularly in the European Parliament elections every five years. 

SCI will continue to defend hunting in Europe and promote the benefits of hunting for European biodiversity. SCI looks forward to strengthening our ties with the Saint Hubert Club as a leading organization for French hunters, particularly with the current trophy ban debate in the French Chamber of Deputies.