Impossible Foods Brainwashes Kids

If you wait long enough, those with ulterior motives will eventually reveal their true intent.

Such is the case with the manufacturers of the latest rage in the “healthy” vegan alternative to real beef hamburgers – Impossible Foods.

The California-based company organized an event for children with activities designed to teach them about plant-based foods, according to an article in

kids in lab coats cartoon

The kids wore white lab coats, applied temporary burger tattoos and conducted mini science experiments.

The backs of those lab coats were decorated with the initials IF standing for “Impossible Foods,” the eight-year-old startup working to replace all animal meat with its plant-based alternatives.

The kids went from table to table under big white tents in the parking lot behind company headquarters. There was a station where they could try and guess the flavor of jelly beans while wearing nose plugs (it’s almost impossible), and another where they could make little wind turbines out of paper. The vibe was more grade-school science fair than Silicon Valley bacchanal, despite the fact that the company is flush with cash, said a article.

kids raising hands cartoon

The event featured a guest appearance by Impossible Foods CEO Patrick O. Brown, who asked the kids assembled: “Who loves to eat hot dogs? Fish sticks? Hamburgers?” Kids being kids, most of them raised their hands.

In a despicable display of brainwashing, Brown then asked: “Who here is really glad that they came from dead animals?”

Brown continued as the children became silent and lowered their hands. “I promise that by the time you are adults the meat you eat will not come from dead animals,” said the article.

Then, in a stunning lapse of common sense, Brown told the kids: “You can come find me and beat me up if I’m wrong.”

The disparity between groups on either side of the animal rights debate is stark. On one side are organizations like Safari Club International, working hand-in-hand with the professional fish and game managers across America to implement conservation management programs to enhance wildlife habitat. On the other side are animal rights groups represented by people like the Impossible Foods CEO emotionally manipulating impressionable kids to further their agenda.




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