Gift Recommendations From SCI

Hunters are a difficult lot to shop for; ask any spouse, son, daughter, or friend of a hunter and they’ll tell you, “what could they possibly need that they don’t already have?!” We’re here to help, with a few suggestions from SCI staff and Members!

Brittany Longoria“For the hunter-conservationist who has it all….a donation in their name to the SCI Foundation.”

Allen Ernst“Stick to high quality items that will be appreciated and last for many years of hard use. Here’s a few:

Cyrus Baird, SCI Manager of Government Relations

  • Yeti Rambler – Fill it with coffee, fill it with water, fill it with soup, fill it with bourbon. I’m never in a tree stand or duck blind without one.
  • Filson Skagit Jacket – I spend a lot of time in the marsh, timber and open water during duck season, and I can be hard on equipment – especially jackets. This jacket is the only one I’ve owned that has taken a beating and still kept me warm and dry.
  • Plano Sportsman’s Box – I’ve got a different sportsman’s box for every style and species I hunt. It’s the best way to keep all my gear organized all year long.

Chip Hunnicutt, SCI Director of Marketing and Communications“Support the companies that support defending your freedom through their corporate partnership with SCI:

  • Socks – doesn’t sound sexy but I just picked up a couple pairs of Kenetrek Alaska Super Heavyweight and their Ultimate Liner Lightweight socks and love them.
  • Peace of Mind – Nothing keeps the worry at bay like a Global Rescue membership.
  • Optics – They can’t hit what they can’t see. Hook up your favorite hunter with a new optic from Trijicon, or you’ll spend the rest of the year hearing about that missed shot….
  • SCI Gear – The SCI Store is the only place to get authentic, official SCI Gear and there are a lot of choices. Grab a hat or shirt and be a hero!”

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