Buck Slim

A classic lock-back, folding hunter slims down for easier pocket carry.

In hunting camps everywhere the Buck Folding Hunter (Model 110) has a constant presence. If it’s not the outfitter or guide who carries one in a leather case on their belt, then it’s oneBuck 110 slim and rifle or more of the hunters in camp who have chosen this model as a personal knife. While there are no doubt many reasons why this edged tool is chosen, the fact that it has a multi-functional clip point blade that offers fixed-blade usefulness in a compact folding knife configuration is the main reason so many have a preference for this knife.

While the Folding Hunter is a robust folder that is fully capable of every game care chore (field dressing, skinning and field butchery), it’s not pocket carry friendly and that’s why it comes with a belt case. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with carrying the knife in a compact, belt-mounted case, it’s just that I tend to favor pocket carry.

For those who want a pocket-friendly, every-day-carry folder, Buck has introduced a slimmed down version of their famed Folding Hunter (model 110-1). While this new model features that same clip-point, hollow-ground, 420 HC stainless steel blade of the original, albeit with an easy opening thumb stud. This new version weighs around 3-ounces (the original model weighs more than twice as much). Moreover, the molded, glass-filled nylon handle scales are extremely thin and feature a rugged attachment clip for tip-up blade carry.

If you’re already a fan of the Buck Folding Hunter, then you’ll appreciate the fact that the blade steel used in the Buck Slim is identical to the original model. The 420HC stainless steel blade contains 45% carbon, 13% chromium, 0.80% manganese, 0.80 silicon and 0.50% or less nickel, and features a Rockwell hardness value of RC 58-59. This is an extremely tough and stain-resistant blade steel that can be sharpened in field and counted on to resist chipping and offer solid edge life, even under heavy use.

The clip point blade pattern works well when field dressing big game and is fully capable of severing internal organs from the interior of the body cavity, precise piercing  (coring the terminal end of the digestive tract), as well as freeing hide from around horns and antlers. In addition, the blade belly of the clip point is well curved enough to allow for hide removal activities. In all, the clip point blade pattern of the Buck Slim is truly multi-functional and has proven itself the right choice on a wide range of big game species.

The thin, rugged, glass-filed nylon handle material is pinned atop the rocker-lock, where it serves as the knife frame. When compared to the original model, the use of this handle material alone saves a considerable amount of weight. Also, the exterior handle surface has a checkered, non-slip surface for a positive hand-to-knife contact, even when wet, and a rugged stainless clip sits near the thumb lock release for attaching the knife to the edge of almost anything (pocket, boot, etc.). The clip itself isn’t just a thin piece of spring steel, it’s broad enough to provide added holding power, preventing the knife from accidently slipping free when attached.

The slender profile and light weight of the new Buck Slim folder is definitely my kind of knife. The fact that it fits into a pocket without notice, is capable of a wide range of cutting chores and not likely to be accidently lost in the field are just some of the reasons why the new Buck Slim has become a constant companion when on the hunt!–Durwood Hollis

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