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Your Contributions Help Preserve Your Hunting Heritage!

In 2010, Safari Club International decided to contribute 100 percent of the net proceeds from the SCI Record Book and World Hunting Awards Department to anti-poaching and conservation projects. To date, Record Book has contributed more than $88,000 to projects in Arizona and internationally.

$37,000 to Texas A&M University/Foundation for development of genetic tools for the identification of huntable Africa wildlife

Develop off-the-shelf molecular technologies to identify wildlife species in Africa as defined by the Safari Club International Record Book and World Hunting Awards Committee. The development of this technology, African wildlife DNA Bar Coding, will provide the means to identify any biological material to the species of origin. This identification is critical for wildlife management, trophy documentation and for compliance with national and international laws. Bar Coding uses very short DNA sequences similar to a supermarket scanner distinguishing products, using the black stripes of the Universal Product Code.

Anti-poaching Trailer$25,000 to Arizona Game & Fish Department for an anti-poaching trailer

The Arizona Game & Fish Department and Safari Club International have a mutual understanding that a successful Operation Game Thief stategy involves educating the public in Arizona communities concerning the harmful impact of poaching. This includes developing introductory and informative educational programs for both youth and adults. The Operation Game Thief display trailer will extend this message and public outreach at sportsmen's expeditions, fairs, shows, and other events.

$26,000 to the Friedkin Conservation Foundation anti-poaching microlight project

Flying a microlight has a major deterring effect to poachers. The unit is extremely cost effective (about one-third the cost of operating a small single engine plane). The information collected, via radio and GPS, are real time and accurate. This gives FCF ranger teams on the ground an edge at locating and apprehending poachers. Read more.

For more information on additional anti-poaching and conservation projects, or to submit a grant application, please contact the Safari Club International Foundation at (520) 620-1220. All anti-poaching and conservation projects funded by the SCI Record Book and World Hunting Award Department have been approved by the SCI Conservation Committee.

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